AD Engine

for those who can earn on Internet advertising by himself

highload + realtime + any banner type+ API

Best choice for publishers and exchange networks

  • 10 years of developing experience
  • 3rd generation of AD Engine
  • only latest technologies

Most fast RealTime


14 000 ad impressions per second on one modern stand-alone server. 1 209 600 000 ad impressions per day.

Easy horizontal scaling.

No problens with the traffic generated by a large social network. Ex: facebook, vk or Twitter.


Most of the statistics is handled and avalible in realtime.

Banners appears and updates in the rotation instantly.


Distribution is performed with the best modern server nginx.

Most banners are distributed from cache.


AD Server works via REST API. Web-interface as well communicates with AD Server only through API.

You can use REST API to intergrate your applications with MadBanner.


Web interface based on Django and Bootstrap.

Multilanguage support (english / russian).


Various rights:

  • System administrator
  • Publisher
  • Advertizer

Banners and Targeting

General banner types

By default supports common banner types:

  • images
  • links
  • redirect
  • tgb
  • flash шьфпуы

Custom banners

You can add any banner type by HTML code with any components: css/js.

Banner supports mustache virables () and python template language.

Banners templates

You can create template for any type of a banner wight from web-interface.

Any template can contain user filled virables of any type: url, text, file (uploadble to engine), data arrays etc.


Dafault: free versions of

  • maxmind World
  • Automatic geobase update.


  • Start/Stop
  • Intencity
  • Clicks
  • Shows/Click for uniqу users
  • etc


  • Geotargeting (ip)
  • Operational System / Device type / Device
  • Publisher
  • Slot

Mobile AD ready


  • Device type (desktop/mobile)
  • Platform ( Android, Apple, Windows, etc)
  • Operations System
  • Browser types

Technology stack